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Francesca Middleton

Master Eyelash Artist

Francesca Middleton

Master Eyelash Artist

Francesca Middleton

Master Eyelash Artist

Francesca Middleton

Master Eyelash Artist

Francesca Middleton

Master Eyelash Artist

Francesca Middleton

Master Eyelash Artist

About Francesca


Francesca is a professional lash MASTER and international lash TRAINER in individual eyelash extensions.  Being internationally trained, fully licensed and insured with The Guild she is an EXPERT in crafting the best set of eyelash extensions to suit your lifestyle and eye shape in the classic (1:1) and volume (15:1) techniques.

Francesca has an elite client base, from A-listers, successful professionals and ‘Yummy Mummies’, many who have been with Francesca for years.  Having previously worked at top salons in Chelsea, Mayfair and Knightsbridge, extensive professional experience at fashion shoots and regular international travel, Francesca now bases herself at the exclusive by appointment,  private salon in West London, nr Heathrow. Home-call visits are available by prior arrangement.

Along with the love of the treatment of lashes, Francesca is also passionate in mentoring lash technicians who want to provide outstanding lash work. More information can be found at  Francesca is also a professional freelance hair & make-up ARTIST and qualified in SHELLAC gel manicures. For further information on these services please email

Experience the real benefits of this must have beauty treatment:

  • Enhance and lift the eyes to give eyelashes a full bodied, natural effect.
  • Extra length in your eyelashes that frame your eyes naturally and beautifully.
  • Provide a natural looking fullness and length to natural lashes.
  • The more extensions applied the more the eyelashes look sexy, sultry and glamorous!


Francesca’s clients are always being told how beautiful their lashes are and is happy to know all her clients are very happy.

The best compliment you can get is about how naturally beautiful you are, not on how great your lash extensions look!

Francesca Middleton


Top Benefits

You Look Great — Eyelash extensions open up the eyes and that means looking good 24/7 without the need to wear mascara, or additional make-up application.  In fact, most of my clients advise me that they don’t feel the need to wear as much make-up now they’re wearing eyelash extensions.

You have improved Self-Confidence — Lash extensions can help you feel good because if you look good on the outside you’re going to feel great on the inside.  Imagine waking up and looking in the mirror and finding out that actually you look better than you thought.  Never under estimate how much your improved confidence can change your outlook on life.

You Save Time — Have you got better things to do than be chained to your mascara routine?  Free up your time with eyelash extensions.   Eliminate the daily mascara routine and forget about having to think about wearing mascara again. Wake up each morning and be ready to go!

You Save Money —Lash extensions may seem expensive, but for as little as a £1 a day you’ll never have to worry about how you look and of course you never need to buy any other lash products ever again.  In the long run, the money spent is a better alternative than old fashioned lash enhancing methods.

Eliminate ‘Clumpy’ Mascara — Have natural looking, longer and thicker lashes that never look ‘clumpy’ with bad mascara application.

Classic or Volume

Classic lash extensions is a one extension to one natural lash application.  Perfect for providing length and generous thickness and curl effects.  Application takes from 1-2 hrs

Volume lash extensions is a many extension to one natural lash application.  This is achieved with super light extensions that give a fluttery, yet dense effect.  2-3D is perfect for everyday wear where 4-6D is perfect for weddings, major events or photoshoots.  Application takes from 2-3 hrs

Francesca is one of only a handful of qualified and experienced volume lash artists in the UK.

Everyday Wear Lashes, Make-up & Hair

Not blessed with gorgeous lashes? Prolonged use of mechanical eyelash curlers deteriorate the eyelashes as with daily applications and removal of mascara’s. Have perfect lashes that remain curled, even when wet, all day every day.

For hair & make-up services, please email

Bridal Lashes, Make-up & Hair

Weddings are a perfect time for eyelash extensions. Brides, mothers of the bride and groom as well as the bridal attendants love to wear eyelash extensions. It is a perfect occasion to have a perfect set of eyelashes. For brides there is an added benefit of enjoying them thoughout the honeymoon. Take advantage of the special offer!

For hair & make-up services, please email

Holiday Carefree!

Whilst on holiday your beauty routine would be at a minimum. Lash extensions truly transform your face and give you a bright eyed, fresh look even when not wearing makeup!

Big Night Out … Going somewhere special?

Other special occasions include nights out where you want to give impact or a special occasion could also be a personal treat, just because!

For hair & make-up services, please email


Classically Timeless

Classic Aux Natural

Classic is a one extension to one natural lash application.

With 100 lashes taking approximately 1hr this lash look adds length and thickness.

Upgrade to a Mascara look for extra volume for £75.
Upgrade to a Glam look for magnified volume for £90.

Double Volume 2D

Double Volume is two extensions to one natural lash application.

With 400 lashes taking approximately 1hr 30mins we create a magnified volumous look with a double lash effect.

Perfect for glamorous daily wear and our most popular treatment.

Russian Volume

Volume is a many extension to one natural lash application.

With 3-400 lashes taking approximately 2hrs we create a magnified volumous look with a triple lash effect.

Perfect for glamorous daily wear.

Hyper Volume

Volume is a many extension to one natural lash application.

With 5-1400 lashes taking 2-3 hrs we create an intense look with a triple-triple-TRIPLE lash effect, for a super full and textured effect.

Perfect for weddings, major events, photo-shoots and lash addicts!

From £150.00
Regular Retouch

Indefinitely as long as you have at least 50% of your existing eyelash set to qualify for an in-fill retouch.

In-fills include a lash clean, lash preparation and new extensions within 40 minutes.

Want more lashes?? Ask for a boost for £10.

Volume Retouch

Dependent on maintenance, Volume lash re-touches demand more time.

20% of your existing eyelash set to qualify for an in-fill.  In-fills include a lash clean, lash preparation and new extension addon within 90 minutes.

Need extra?  Our 2 hour V2 retouch is available (£90).


A Collection of Quality and professionalism

Aux Natural
European Volume
Classic Glamorous
Russian Volume
Natural Classic
6D Volume
Classic Glam
Volume Lashes
Before Volume After

Francesca Middleton – Eyelash Artist


Lashes Forever

With regular in-fills your initial lash look can be maintained forever!  (Honest – Francesca has been wearing hers for over 7 years now, and the natural lashes are still strong and healthy!)  And because you’re having your lashes done by one of the best in the industry, treatments take less time without compromising on accuracy.  No more back-acke on that couch!

The boring but important stuff…
  • On arrival.  Please arrive on time at your scheduled appointment mascara free!
  • First Time Bookings.  All new clients will be required to secure their appointment with a deposit.
  • Cancellation Policy.  We ask that you give us the courtesy of providing at least 24 hours verbal notice for cancellations to avoid the cancellation fee which is 50% of treatment fee.
  • Transfer Policy.  Moving your appointment within 24 hours will incur a transfer fee of £10.
  • Late Arrivals.  Please understand that if you are 15 minutes late or more, your appointment will be cancelled and FULL payment is required.
  • Home Visits.  Francesca will do a home-call visit, be prepared to pay an extra £75 to cover time out of the salon.
  • Gratuities.  Francesca always appreciates gratuities.
Our lovely client’s comments on their lash treatments

“It takes me an hours drive door to door it is definitely worth it! After going to several other local eyelash extension salons there really is no one else that compares in terms of value for money, comfort in wearing the eyelash extensions and the overall look! Francesca really does wonders and it is literally impossible to tell that they are even extensions!”   Stacey Tarvin, Reading

“Tried and tested by a very cautious person who always thinks that reviews sometimes can be manufactured. But I must agree and rate Lash by Francesca to be of not only of good value, but good product, done professionally by Francesca herself.  And what a lovely person with a personality to match too.”   Dina Dickson, Weybridge

“I have had lashes extensions once before by another company and it was the worst expierence of my life, 3 hours of stinging, watery, glued together eyes. I was introduced to Lash by Francesca and I was very happy with the service. My first full set took just an hour and I was pain free and very relaxed during the treatment. The lashes look great and really enhance your eyes. It’s great no more mascara!”   Sarah Louise Goodam, Richmond

“I have been a regular client for years now and my lashes are the one luxury I indulge in. Not only my lashes look so beautiful but they seem so natural! Each visit is always so comfortable and pleasant – Francesca is so friendly, professional and I’m always thrilled with the results.,. Now I am addicted, the extensions really brighten up my eyes and never ever have any damage to my own lashes. The sets are perfect every time. Highly recommended!”   Marta Gnatowska, Hampstead London


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